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Our menu may change without notice but for Summer 2017 we’ll be serving:

Plain Waffles: Belgium Waffles with a choice of one hot fruit topping, syrup and whipped cream

Bacon Waffles:
Belgium Waffles with Canadian bacon in the mix. A choice of one hot fruit topping, syrup and whipped cream comes with each order.

Waffle Burger:
A savoury waffle with Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese and onions in the batter. The lean ground beef patty is cooked to perfection, by being smoked with Maple wood chips in a Traeger Smoker. Topped with the pickle, you then have your choice to add the ketchup, mustard, and relish.

Liege Waffle:
This is our special savoury waffle, with bacon, cheddar cheese and onions in the batter. This waffle cannot be beat and is a favourite. Served with butter and syrup.

Waffle Egger:
Newest item to our menu for 2017. Enjoy the savoury waffle creating the bun, with bacon, onion and cheddar in the waffle. The egg is cooked in the waffle maker and sandwiched in between this waffle. An awesome twist on the breakfast sandwich.

Waffle Dog:
Another fabulous food on the stick. Enjoy an all beef weiner coated with plain waffle batter and baked, not fried in our waffle makers. New favorite on our menu.

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich:
Is a delectable waffle with Canadian bacon in the batter. The vanilla ice cream is sandwiched in between the waffles with a delectable caramel sauce, with caramel and sprinkles on the top.

Chocolate Waffle on a Stick: Going back to carnival food with this sweet chocolate waffle. You will get two of these waffles on a stick drizzled with caramel sauce, finished with sprinkles.

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